On November 11, 2007, Kevin Reid announced an initiative to establish an internationally recognized “World Unity Day” – a day to “celebrate the diversity of the human family.” On July 22nd, 2008, Mayor Rob Adams officially proclaimed every November 11, World Unity Day in Sedona, Arizona. This was followed by an official endorsement from the City of Phoenix Human Relations Commission and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. Individuals can support this initiative by signing the “Declaration of World Unity” below.

Declaration of World Unity

For humanity to move forward successfully in the 21st century, a spirit of unity must be cultivated within the hearts of all nations and people.

A foundation must be laid that will allow each nation to grow and prosper individually, but also collectively within the context of an interdependent global community.

A successful future for all nations and people depends upon strengthening the bonds of our commonality as human beings, while honoring our differences.

To create a healthy global environment for all nations to overcome the struggles they face, we must recognize that all have erred, all have faults and none are perfect, yet each has cultural gifts to share – let us recognize and value those gifts.

Let us celebrate the wealth of our diversity and strive to learn from each other and help one another in a spirit of openness, understanding, trust and respect.

We, the people of the world, members of one global family, declare our unity and seek to honor it by establishing an internationally recognized “World Unity Day” – a day to celebrate the diversity of the human family.

Open Letter Excerpt

November 11, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I envision a day set aside by humanity to further the cause of world unity.

  • A day embraced by individuals, communities, and nations throughout the world.
  • A day to celebrate and rejoice in the rich cultural diversity of the human family.
  • A day to help establish a foundation upon which future generations can build a world where differences are honored with respect and love.
  • A day where we stand side-by-side, hand-in-hand and proclaim that we are one global family!

With deep love and great respect for all,

Kevin Reid
Composer of “WE ARE ONE – A World Anthem”

The following is a list of organizations,
and individuals supporting this initiative:


The Club of Budapest International FoundationAn international association dedicated to developing a new way of thinking and a new ethics that will help resolve the social, political, economic, and ecological challenges of the 21st century (clubofbudapest.org)

Integral EnlightenmentSpiritual Practice for an Evolving World (integralenlightenment.com)

Network of Spiritual ProgressivesFostering a New Bottom Line of Love, Generosity & Ecological Sensitivity in Our Economy, Education, Media & Government (spiritualprogressives.org)

The World Flag ProjectThe World Flag was created to raise global awareness, inspire innovative solutions and promote action toward challenges facing our world today. (theworldflag.org)

The Love FoundationInspiring People to Love Unconditionally (thelovefoundation.com)

Arizona Interfaith MovementBuilding Bridges of Understanding, Respect, and Support (interfaitharizona.com)

Charity FocusEnabling Inspired People to Meaningfully Contribute to the World Around Them (charityfocus.org)

Creative Visions FoundationCVF supports and nutures “creative activists:” people who use media, the arts and technology to inform, inspire, and empower others to create positive action in the world. (creativevisions.org)

Global Peace FestivalGPF promotes & celebrates persons & programs that contribute to reconciliation, mutual respect, harmony, & cooperation among members of the whole human family, as “One Family Under God” (gpfusa.org)

Seedlings of ChangePromoting grassroots involvement in community, global consciousness, holistic living, self-empowerment and sustainability. (www.seedlingsofchange.org)

Authors, Writers & Speakers

Michael DowdOne of the Most Inspiring Speakers in America Today. “THANK GOD FOR EVOLUTION: How the Marriage of Science & Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World” is endorsed by Nobel Prize winning scientists and religious leaders across the spectrum (thankgodforevolution.com)

Dan MillmanInternationally Acclaimed Author, Speaker, Former World Champion Athlete, University Coach & College Professor (danmillman.com)

Michael LernerBestselling Author, American Rabbi, Political Activist & Editor of Tikkun, a Progressive Jewish & Interfaith Magazine (tikkun.org)

Craig HamiltonA Pioneer in the Emerging Field of Evolutionary Spirituality (craighamilton.us)

James TwymanInternationally Renowned Best-Selling Author, Filmmaker & Musician (emissaryoflight.com)

Timothy FrekeBestselling Author and Internationally Respected Authority on World Spirituality (timothyfreke.com)

Steve Bhaerman, aka, Swami BeyondanandaCosmic Comedian, Political Uncommontator & Co-Author with Dr. Bruce Lipton of the upcoming book, “Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and How To Get There From Here” (wakeuplaughing.com)

Connie BarlowAcclaimed Author of popular science books and articles & developer of The Great Story website (thegreatstory.org)


New Consciousness RadioOne World In Harmony (ncradio.us)

Tikkun magazineA Bimonthly Jewish Critque Of Politics, Culture & Society (tikkun.org)

World Puja NetworkA Global Internet Broadcasting System Serving As A Catalyst For Communication In The Emerging New World (worldpuja.org)

Bridging Heaven & EarthAn International Television Format for Awakening (heaventoearth.com)

MyPeace.TVWhere People Unite & Co-Create Peace Through Media (mypeace.tv)

Imagine magazineA Dutch Magazine Helping To Build A New Era On Our Planet (imaginemagazine.com)

Sedona Verde Valley TimesLocal News From All Points Of View (sedonaverdevalleytimes.com)


Mayor Rob Adams of Sedona, Arizona, USAA Community Animated by the Arts, Cultural Diversity, and a Spirit of Volunteerism (sedonaaz.gov)

Mayor Phil Gordon of Phoenix, Arizona, USAGovernment at Your Service (phoenix.gov)

City of Phoenix Human Relations CommissionFostering Positive Intergroup Relations, Promoting Goodwill, Eliminating Discrimination… (info)

Ambassador Mussie HailuEthiopia (wikipedia)

Congressman Mark Anderson, Arizona, USAState Representative & Former Senator (www.representativemarkanderson.com)


Professor Ervin LaszloPhilosopher of Science, Systems Theorist, Integral Theorist & Internationally Renowned Author (wikipedia listing)

The Great Storyan Epic of Evolution educational web site courtesy of acclaimed science writer Connie Barlow (thegreatstory.org)

Dr. Hooshmand KalayehA Senior Scientist at ITT Corporation & Author of “Light of Unity” (amazon.com)

Youth Groups

New Global CitizensNGC educates, equips and mobilizes young people to help solve the greatest challenges faced by communities around the world by partnering with grassroots organizations that are finding local solutions to local problems. (newglobalcitizens.org)


David EatonConductor of the New York City Symphony (nycsymphony.org)

Peter BisanzFilm Director & Founder of Entropy Films – Creating Harmony Out of Chaos (entropyfilms.org)

Heaven On Earth CreationsFilms to Fulfill a Mission of Education and Inspiration for the Peaceful Transformation of Our World (heavenearth.net)


All One DesignsDesigns That Connect, Create & Inspire Change (allonedesigns.com)

LightWerx MediaMarketing, Media & Innovative Design Services for Conscious & New-Thought Businesses Around the World (lightwerxmedia.com)

Internet Communities

FacebookHelping People Connect and Share (World Unity Day Group)

MyPeace.TVCo-Creating Peace Through Media (World Unity Day Group)

Light Bearers of the WorldA community of spiritually aware people that gather to support each other with their hearts and minds. (Facebook Group)